The teaching imparted here was received by Dr. Mehta in the Samadhi state and comes from the highest Divine realms.
In the 40 years of his service, this teaching was transmitted and documented both in written form and on countless audio tapes.
A few of these received teaching discourses were printed in the more or less monthly booklets “The Discourse” and passed on to interested students. The content of these booklets was compiled, analyzed and put into a context by me, which we have compiled here in book form. The entire teaching is much more extensive and mainly recorded in audio form in English.

From 2024, we will be offering regular events for interested people in which we will present the teachings.








Our consciousness is the key to our Divine Self and our personal Divine Guidance. The average person usually lives in their waking state with their three lower levels of wakeful consciousness:

  • sense-perception
  • emotions
  • ratio

However, there are many more levels of waking consciousness that we need to discover and integrate into our daily perception in order to receive Divine Guidance and embody our own Divine Self more and more within us. We encounter these levels of consciousness (in an untrained mind) only in the state of sleep or deep sleep.

You can change this by training your attention.

In order to achieve the fastest possible result, one should first understand how our consciousness is built and what obstacles need to be taken within us.


Dr. Mehta conveyed three Divine Principles to guide you as you walk the spiritual path.

  • 7 Principles of Right Surrender
  • 7 Principles of God Guidance through the Power of Circumstance
  • 7 Principles of Karma Yoga

These principles can help you to orient your thoughts and actions according to Divine guidelines even in difficult situations. It is necessary to overcome one’s own human behavior by a Divine orientation; in every moment of life.


All scriptures have emphasized the importance of devotion to realize the Divine Self within us. All manifestations in the universe are based on laws and not merely desires, however well-intentioned they may be. Even devotion, if not done in accordance with the governing laws, is merely a wish. Sincere intention and zeal are not enough if the principles behind Right Devotion are not properly followed.

    Select the one to whom and through whom you want to surrender all that you have and all that you are, body, mind and soul
    1. Select one and only one Entity to and through whom to surrender
    2. Give that Entity a form (eg. Jesus or Buddha or anything else)
    3. Let that form be fixed, not changing
    4. Let there be one teacher to interpret the teaching of that Entity or other High Beings. Failing a teacher let your conscience – which should not be static, but should grow step by step – be your teacher
    5. Raise up your consciousness to a super-wakeful stage and watch your thoughts come and go. Do not fight with them, nor try to push them out of your mind
    Adopt the principle of humility to be receptive to the Divine Mind whom you have selected as the door and the way
    Transfer your attachments from all things, thoughts and persons to your Being/Entity without trying to subtract your consciousness from anything.
    Remaining in the consciousness of the three Principles above, with all the five aspects of the First Principle, whatever thoughts come to you which do not go away by mere watching, surrender them internally in your heart of hearts, at the feet of that One whom you have selected as the door and the way to surrender through.
    Do not give expression to those thoughts, certainly not a negative expression.
  5. Fortitude
    Bear with courage and bravery the pain of living in the Living Silence.
  6. Faith
    Have full faith – or belief anounting to conviction, leading to faith – that with the first four Principles, the disturbing thoughts are bound to be surrendered and ulimately purified, unified and emptied or eliminated.


Through the consciousness level of intuition, one can experience personal, inner Divine guidance. Fine-tuning one’s attention is the key to experiencing this level with waking consciousness. Everyone has this ability within themselves, but one must be attentive and perceive very carefully in order to recognize this “silent” guidance.

In the discourses, different ways of training attention (mindfulness) are shown. Divine guidance is possible in many ways. Mainly through our heart and through our mind. The treasure is within you.


For many people, Divine Love is associated with the highest sense of happiness and the greatest measure of personally felt love. But is this really the case? Or is there a crucial difference between human (emotional) love and Divine Love? What is Divine Love really?

Dr. Mehta has conveyed some discourses on this subject, which we have compiled here.


Education covers a very broad spectrum and is one of the most important topics of our time. Unfortunately, our current education is not based on the so-called “Right Education”.

The word education is derived from “educare”, which means “to bring out what is within us”. Education in its true sense should bring out what is basically in our deepest self, in the spiritual aspect of our being that sustains us, that we call soul. Each soul has brought its own experience from past lives. True education should lead us to our soul and connect us with higher and higher beings, to be guided through them optimally in our lives.

Today’s education does not bring out what is within us. It generally helps us to acquire knowledge from outside. In the process, we keep adding more and more. Therefore, today’s education can be more aptly called adduction. Real education should help us dissolve all that is between our outer manifestation and the inner source of sources.

How difficult it is in today’s way of life to get real education! We care only about the manifestations, not about the fundamentals. The emphasis nowadays is only on one factor – earning one’s own living, earning one’s own necessities of life. From childhood, one is taught to attach the first value to earning one’s living.

The basis of “right” education should be spiritual and enable everyone to get in touch with their own soul spark and inner guidance. Right education should support every true seeker to free himself from the wheel of life, to receive enlightenment and to place himself more and more in the service of the Divine here on earth.


A Godguided Economy is based on the 3 pillars:

The goal is not to maximize profits, but to promote non-profit companies.
Every company should have both a money-making aspect and a service aspect.
The service aspect (service arm) should consist of at least one of the 5 Needs of life.
These 5 Needs of life are: Food, clothing, shelter, proper education and health.

In an economy guided by God, people are at the center.
In order to be able to ascend with all of humanity in just a few years, our economy must be able to
give people enough time and energy to follow the spiritual path as optimally as possible in a short space of time.
At the same time, there must be enough resources to ensure that our social structure and everything that goes wit it functions as optimally as possible.
We must all work together to be able to ascend into the 5th dimension together.


In our understanding, the entire teaching transmitted by Dr. Mehta forms the common core of all religions and is independent of religion. All current religions are based on a Hight Being originating from the Triad. Unfortunately, this original teaching has been more or less “modified” by people over the millennia, so that it no longer corresponds to the original. In the past, countless wars have been waged and people killed under the banner of one religious belief or another. This must come to an end now! For this reason, a new teaching for humanity has been transmitted for the 3rd millennium and for the ascension of humanity, which is NOT a NEW religion, but combines the essence of all previous religions. Thus, the knowledge transmitted by Dr. Mehta represents the so-called “unity in the diversity of religions”.

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