To help people to find their DIVINE SELF within

To introduce and propagate SPIRITUAL VALUES in all aspects of life
(Godguided economics / Needs of life movement)

To bring about UNITY in diversity of RELIGIONS



Dr. Dinshah K. Mehta

5. June 1903 – 1993

Dr. Mehta was the personal physician and a close friend of Mahatma Ghandi. After many years of inner resistance, he surrendered to his own Divine Guidance, which changed his life forever. From that moment on, he became a servant of God. On behalf of the Divine Realms, he founded the “Society of Servants of God” in India.

Origin of the knowledge offered here:

For several decades, the highest Divine Planes transmitted fundamental spiritual knowledge to Dr. Dinshah K. Mehta (1903 – 1993), in order to show people across religions and cultures the reconnection to their own Divine Spark and the Divine Realms. He passed on this knowledge in so-called discourses and teaching talks. Among other things, the main focus was to explain to people the path of consciousness on the spiritual path and to show so-called spiritual principles and laws that can personally facilitate the path to enlightenment and far beyond.

Personal Divine Guidance, Training of Attention (“Mindfulness”), Spiritualization of the Body, Right Education, Love, Grace, Truth, Emotions, Laws of Health, the Planes of Mind, Yoga, Kundalini and much more, were the topics of his discourses to help people find their Divine Self.

In order to set an example for the introduction and spread of spiritual values in all areas of life, the “Needs of life Movement” was founded and principles for a Godguided economy (“Godguided economics”) were pointed out.

Through this complete work, which was given by the source of creation for humanity, the unity in the diversity of religions can be seen.

These teachings come from the highest divine realms and are meant for the 3rd millennium – The New Golden Age. For the ascension of mankind.



THE MOST IMPORTANT MISSION OF ALL. Getting in touch with one’s own soul and receiving personal Divine guidance is the most important goal of our incarnation. The dissolution of karma and our own transformation towards our own Divine Self sets us free and brings us into a harmonious balance. The path goes through the different levels of consciousness within us. A person who has integrated his or her levels of consciousness follows his or her inner personal Divine Guidance and can become the co-creator of the New Golden Age.



The discourses given by Revered Dadaji, Dr. Dinshah K. Mehta, are not ordinary discourses. They are not prepared in advance on the rational level of the human mind. They rise from the superconscious levels (“supraconscious planes”) HERAB. Before a discourse begins, the revered dadaji sits in silence for a few minutes; his mind ascends high above the level of human waking consciousness into the supraconscious planes. Then the discourse flows downward, through him.

These discourses are sacred! They come from the superconscious levels from which the great scriptures and religions of the world have emerged.

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