Dr. Dinshah K. Mehta

Dr. Dinshah K. Mehta

Dr. Dinshah Kaikhushroo Mehta was born in India on June 5, 1903. His family was very wealthy and at the age of seven he discovered for himself that the meaning of life lies in perfection. He perfected his body and at the age of 17 he was able to pose in front of an audience as a Greek statue. In the following years he also cultivated perfection in hunting, physical culture, muscle control, weightlifting and other athletic disciplines.

In 1929, he established a Nature Cure clinic and sanatorium in Poona and became a pioneer of naturopathy. He cured many people with chronic diseases by combining classical medicine, naturopathy and Arjurveda. He quickly became famous for his successes. Mahatma Gandhi heard about it and after a first personal meeting a lifelong friendship evolved. Two of Gandhi’s three world-famous fasts were accompanied and supervised by Dr. Mehta. From 1944, Dr. Mehta’s sanatorium became Mahatma Gandhi’s chosen home.

Dr. Mehta was an agnostic for a long time. In 1936, he found life unbearable for various reasons and decided to die by fasting. On the 36th day of fasting he had his first inner spiritual experience and on the 50th day he broke the fast after a second spiritual experience. His spiritual experiences became more frequent and he developed “inner hearing and seeing” and an expansion of consciousness. Since he was still agnostic at that time, he tried to run away from these experiences.

On November 8, 1953, after an intense spiritual experience and the perseverance of a close friend, he accepted his inner Divine guidance and became a convert. This changed his life fundamentally.

At the request of his Divine guidance, in 1954/1955, the “Society of the Servants of God” was founded, pursuing three main missions:

  1. To help people find their Divine Self within.
  2. To introduce and propagate spiritual values in all walks of material life.
  3. To bring about unity in the diversity of religions.

For the first mission, which is a spiritual mission, Revered Dadaji (as he is also called by his devotees) has given many so-called discourses, which are to give guidance to people for a God-guided life. Furthermore, he has received from the Supreme Divine Planes the “7 Principles of Right Surrender”, the “7 Principles of Karma Yoga” and the “7 Principles of God Guidance through the Power of Circumstance” for humanity, in order to give guidance to every serious seeker on how to behave spiritually correctly in certain situations. These principles have been summarized in the Discourse Collection on Divine Principles and Laws. It is the hope to give this spiritual treasure of knowledge as a guide to as many people as possible, so that they may realize their own Divine Self and become One again with their own Divine Spark within.

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