The ASSD e.V. (a so-called FSSG, “Friends of SSG”) was founded on May 24, 1969 in Oberursel, as the German branch of the SSG, and was registered as a non-profit association on December 5, 1969. One of the goals of the ASSD e.V. is the preservation of the teachings transmitted by Dr. Mehta.

On the occasion of the formation of the ASSD, the following telegram was sent by Dr. Mehta (Dadaji/Dada) on May 22, 1969:

Beloved Children,
May tomorrow’s inauguration of Friends of German Branch of Society of Servants of God prove worthy to grow unto a Branch of the Society –
to radiate Light of Truth embodied in Society’s 3 Missions
through Germany’s ancient Land and worthy race
into Europe and World in general
to uplift Humanity unto Divinity

Love Blessings, Dada

For many years, this association was very active and also supported many projects in India through donations. After the death of Dr. Mehta the engagement shifted more to the inner work of the association. In 2012, there was a change in the relationship between the various organizations involved with Dr. Mehta’s teachings. Ultimately, this reorientation led to a change in the leadership of the ASSD e.V. association: a woman took over the chairmanship. Since world events in 2012 took a different course than originally envisioned by Higher Mind, the delay was used for inner maturity in understanding Dr. Mehta’s teachings. This website shows some of the results of the processes described above.

Many prophecies surround the New Golden Age and it is time to make these teachings available to every seeker of truth. The teachings of Dr. Mehta, are the teachings for the 3rd millennium transmitted by Lord Buddha. Lord Buddha has been our planetary Logos since 1994.

May these teachings help each seeker in their individual progression to recognize the Divine Self within and receive Divine guidance.


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